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Should You Have Masala Chai Every Day? A Health Perspective

Masala Chai Every Day

Masala chai is an unparalleled blend of ingredients cherished all over the country. Today, it has surpassed its existence of just being a drink and transformed into an emotion. Especially when infused with the power of Pahadi chai and exotic Indian spices that make it super aromatic and tasty.

You can have masala chai every day, as it is good for your health. There’s no room for side effects when all ingredients are natural and safe for consumption. In fact, Masala chai is one of the best ways to start a day, as it can even reduce the risk of deadly diseases like cancer. That is why one can say it is the closest thing to an elixir today.

But wait. There’s a lot on our list. And before diving deep into the benefits of pahadi masala chai, it’s important to know its history. Therefore, let’s first take a quick detour to when the masala chai was born. 

The History Of Masala Chai

Tea was introduced in the Indian subcontinent by British colonial rulers in the 18th century. They had a flourishing trade with the Chinese but wanted to take greater control of the cultivation and the export process. This led them to start the production of tea in India. 

Post that, it was only way upwards for the Indian tea. Today many tea brands carry the old legacy of traditional tea cultivation. Assam Black CTC is one of the many examples of such tea variants. 

It is said that the first masala tea was prepared on the instructions of an Indian king who wanted to make an ayurvedic energy source. Well, no doubt, it worked wonders. And it is, of course, an added benefit if the medicine is also as refreshing and flavourful as chai! 

Today, masala chai has spawned many variants, including the pahadi chai.

Ingredients Of Masala Chai

Ingredients Of Masala Chai

The most common ingredients of masala tea include cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and black pepper. These spices not only give the tea an addictive sting, but they are also responsible for all of its medicinal benefits

You can add or subtract any spice according to your preference, and it is not necessary to use milk while making it. 

What Makes Masala Chai A Healthy Beverage?

Masala chai is rich in nutritional properties due to its highly nourishing ingredients. Be it saving your day from an unbearable cold or adding the healing power of nature to your body. A cup of masala chai can be your go-to home remedy.

Moreover, masala chai made from Assam Black CTC of the highest tea grade further paves the way for a healthy experience.

Say Goodbye To Inflammation

The presence of ginger in pahadi masala chai relieves your inflammatory issues. Therefore, people with conditions like arthritis can benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Moreover, having a good hot cup of masala tea can lift your spirits back up when feeling nausea. A delicious solution to a painful problem!

Ginger has also been found to help in losing weight as it reduces bad cholesterol and contains next to no fat on its own. This makes it a perfect companion for your fitness regime without the need for those expensive fitness supplements!

Promotes Stronger Immunity

Cinnamon and clove are the ingredients that give masala pahadi chai strong immunity-boosting properties. A daily cup of masala tea can protect you from diseases that range from the common cold to an upset stomach. 

Clove is also very effective in treating fever. It contains various therapeutic oils that are good for the body. Cinnamon has a strong aromatic flavour and is a good way to control your blood glucose levels. 

So if you plan to go an entire day fasting, you know what to pick.

A Healthy Digestive System

Ginger, clove, and other spices used in making masala tea, like elaichi, calm your stomach when grumbling. Your digestive tract also benefits greatly from these spices, making it the perfect beverage for starting your day.

Regular use of masala pahadi chai also increases your appetite so you can take care of your nutritional needs. Thus, eat healthy to complement the herbal properties of the masala tea with the essential vitamins and protein. Hence, reveal the best version of yourself!

Detoxify Yourself

Our modern lifestyle is responsible for accumulating various toxins in our bodies. We may not be aware of their presence. However, over time their effects begin to gradually surface in the form of fatigue, headaches, low motivation, etc. This can hamper your productivity to a great extent.

Masala pahadi chai contains good antioxidants and polyphenol agents like clove and elaichi. These assist in improving your blood circulation and preventing cholesterol from blocking arteries. 

It also plays a role in breaking down fatty acids to prevent your vital organs from malfunctioning. Hence, the result is you working with maximum efficiency. 

Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Many ingredients used in masala chai, most notably clove and elaichi, have positively affected cancer patients. The anti-oxidising agents can also help in destroying cancer cells. 

The research hasn’t been closed yet. However, much evidence indicates a positive correlation between a healing body and such agents.

Energy Unlimited

One of the most underrated elements of tea is caffeine. When consumed properly, it helps increase the blood flow and the oxygen supply to our muscles and brain. 

Pahadi chai contains a healthy amount of caffeine that helps you keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Moreover, the presence of herbal elements makes sure that the side effects of caffeine do not get you. Hence, a tastier and healthier alternative to coffee.


Pahadi masala chai goes perfectly with the modern lifestyle. The herbs used in masala chai help you take care of most of your everyday health needs like digestion, immunity, energy and cholesterol. This luxuriously healing blend promotes balance in life. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a warm and refreshing cup of masala chai today!

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