‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’: As trending catchwords of the Century

Organic Natural Drink Products

Rapidly changing lifestyles are witnessing people becoming overly conscious about their health and what goes into their bodies. As a result, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ have become the new catchwords of the century, trending everywhere from food to skincare and cosmetics.

Organic Natural Drink Products

Hence, it is witnessed that adding such labels to a product simply makes it seem just another trend for the health-conscious generation. Yet, as interchangeably used as these terms are, one can’t deny that they surely hold different meanings.

What Exactly Is Organic?

The foods grown without harmful chemicals like artificial pesticides, fertilisers, or herbicides are called organic foods. Likewise, the products that are manufactured with the help of these plant-based ingredients are called organic products. These don’t contain genetically modified ingredients or petrochemicals.

The process of producing these is minimalist to protect the natural properties of raw materials. Fertile soil is prepared by crop rotations and valuable organic materials like compost and manure to produce such foods.

Why Choose Organic?

As the influence of social media is at its peak, we often see influencers and actors promoting organic drinks, so we ought to wonder what is so good in these juices. Since this category meets both benefits and tastes expectations of consumers, it is growing rapidly.

In addition, these drinks are incredibly efficient as their processing involves extracting and grinding essential parts of plants in high-quality machines.

This process facilitates 100% absorption of juice within minutes of consumption.

These are considered to keep you healthy and alkalise your body while being rich in antioxidants and immunity-boosting. So, you can plan on consuming organic drinks without worrying about intaking any additives, chemical sugars or preservatives.

What Does ‘All Natural’ Mean?

These are made from naturally grown raw materials and are not produced in a laboratory. As a result, they keep sufficient distance from chemicals like artificial colourants and fragrances, preservatives and other synthetic additives.

They may or may not contain organic ingredients. Green tea extract can be seen as a classic example of a natural product. Parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, and synthetics dyes are some ingredients that do not find their place in manufacturing natural products.

Detoxing: The Natural Way!

Your body may rest at night, but your immune system is on a roll, figuring out the useful and useless cells in the body. To aid this essential process of the body, one should provide a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins to the body.

These can be provided through natural drinks, which help keep high body energy and the capacity to fight off viruses. Detoxing, or in other words, spring cleaning is a process that helps you in cleansing your body from the inside from toxins that negatively affect your health.

A full body detox can be seen as a long procedure, but one can take some baby steps if one wants to take the initiative. For example, quit smoking and drinking, consume an abundant nutrient diet, stay hydrated with water and natural detox drinks, and maintain a proper sleep schedule.


To build your holistic health, one can adopt a more balanced approach by including healthy habits and foods in day-to-day life. One such initiative can be kickstarting the day with detox green teas and immunity blends like kadha and Haldi mix from brands such as The Pahadi Story, which commit to bringing 100% natural and pure products at your table directly from the wellness of Himalayas.

We can undoubtedly say that practising this daily will be your moment of self-care and stress escape.

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