आरोग्य सुख   Arogya Sukh

Wellness is what we wish for you.

Cool शीतल

Cool शीतल

₹ 599/50 gm

Inspired by the peaceful winter tide of the Himalayas.
Rhododendron enhanced with the goodness of 5 authentic florals, herbs and spices, known for their cooling properties.

Calm शांत

Calm शांत

₹ 599/50 gm

Retelling the signature calm of the Himalayas.
White floral chamomile known for its calming effects, blended with 3 authentic herbs, spices and florals.

Cleanse निर्मल

Cleanse निर्मल

₹ 599/50 gm

Anchored to the absolute purity and cleansing breath of Himalayas.
Nettle, enhanced with 3 authentic herbs, spices and florals known for their cleansing properties.

Digest पाचन

Digest पाचन

₹ 699/50 gm

Inspired from the traditional homegrown wisdom of concoctions.
A blend of 10 potent herbs, spices and florals, known for their digestive properties

Immunity प्रतिरक्षक

Immunity Tea प्रतिरक्षक

₹ 699/50 gm

Inspired from the homegrown Pahadi insights of living strong.
A blend of 12 potent herbs, spices, and florals known to strengthen your immunity.

Balance संतुलन

Balance संतुलन

₹ 599/ 50 gm

Reflecting the Himalayan peace induced balanced living. 
A blend of Homegrown tulsi and 4 authentic herbs, spices and florals, that enable a balanced being.

Detox शुद्ध

Detox शुद्ध

₹ 699/50 gm

Translating the pahadi purity into a poetic sip.
A blend of 8 authentic herbs, spices and florals, known for their detoxifying properties.

Refresh (आनंद)

Refresh आनंद

₹ 699/50 gm

Inspired by the crisp air of the Himalayas.
A blend of 9 authentic herbs, spices and florals known for their refreshing properties.

Heal विरोहण

Heal विरोहण

₹ 599/50 gm

Anchored to the divine healer, the golden herb Haldi.
A blend of Himalayan Turmeric, with 4 authentic herbs, spices and florals known to repair and heal your body from within.



आरोग्य सुख   Arogya Sukh

Wellness is what we wish for you.

Kadha काढ़ा

₹ 575/100 gm

The everyday immunity blend. The power of authentic Himalayan Turmeric, Tulsi, Giloy and much more.

Haldi Mix हल्दी मिक्स

₹ 475/100 gm

The ingredients of divine healing. Our authentic blend of Himalayan Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger and more.


Ethereal purity from the mystical Himalayas


In harmony with nature, consciously eco friendly


Creating livelihoods that build lives

A healthy you will make a happy you.

Introducing our authentic immunity-strengthening blends of ancient wisdom. Handpicked wonders of nature, potent herbs and spices proven to promote holistic health for centuries, come together to form authentic sips of health and goodness. Each of them is designed for your wellness.


वासुदेव कुटुम्बकम   Vasudev Kutumbakam

One World. One Family.

We are for them – the ones who wake up with the first ray of the sun, walk miles to their fields and sow love, for us to reap care. The Pahadi Story is for, and by, the women farmers of Uttarakhand.
We are an act of compassion.


प्राकृत पोषण   Prakrut Poshan

Nature only Nurtures.

Nature is a miracle maker. Its omnipotent existence has given our race infinite gifts, it is for us to sustain these miracles we at The Pahadi Story, commit to sustainability, to nature, to harmony.

We are an act of compassion.

We bring to you natural curations from the mystical hills of Himalayas. The best of produce is harvested, prepared, packed and sealed with immense love from the Pahadi women farmers.
Our products and experiences give urban consumers the much-needed pause, the moment of self-reflection and self-care.

Our Happy Clients

Its Friday 4pm in London - exhausted and tired with home schooling and full time work! Went to the Kitchen looking for something that will freshen up my mind - eyes struck on the Indrya collection picked "Refresh" and here I am all refreshed and charged (as you can see writing a review) ! It has an earthy smell connecting me to nature with a hint of pepper and cinnamon(not to sharp - just right). Thank you TPS for the amazing collections . This pandemic has left us with one important message and that is Invest in your health - TPS is helping me to be on this path.


Tried the Pahadi story kadha for the first time and it's quiet good. Love the taste and it's benefits will definitely reorder the Kadha, especially because of the natural ingredients.


Perfect bedtime drink for good night sleep among other benefits


Got this as a gifting for Diwali. Very appealing and amazing packaging. The small samplers were a nice touch. Thanks for that.

Sachin Salian

I like it too much because all products are natural and are great source for boosting the immunity.

Satish Mittal

I want to take this opportunity to share my feedback on all your products - excellent taste, great quality filled to the brim and so refreshing - highly recommend to all.

Kunal Shastri

An excellent mix! While it was more of the health benefits that made me order the Haldi Mix, the taste is something that tops everything now. Even the aroma as soon as you open the bottle, is so fresh and pleasant. A warm Turmeric Latte is my new fav daily! The Pahadi Story, thank you for bringing this straight from the Pahads. And that personal note from the Pahadi Woman Farmer was just so warm!

Vishal Parekh

Loved it!

Yogesh Kamath

It is so simple and absolutely natural. Become my bedtime ritual. Ohh! I love my honeyed Haldi drink. Thank You! Pahadi Story Haldi Mix, for a truly good night’s sleep.

Bhushan More

Forever my mom would pester me about the benefits of Haldi dudh and I would keep avoiding it even though knowing that ‘mother is always right’ until she would push it down my throat. Now that I live away from her, I as a small gesture to her care I got myself The Pahadi Story Haldi Mix and started having it and ever since I am hooked. Sipping it is like a wholesome feeling. My mom is surprised at this change. 

Vishal Kapoor

It soothes sore throat and helps feel better when you are suffering from the awfully irritating cold. My friend in times when I am ill.

Hemlata Shah

Growing up kadha was always associated with something bitter that had to be gulped down when unwell under the watchful eye of my mother. Needless to say I was never a fan. So I was very apprehensive will trying this one. But it was extremely easy to make and it tasted divine. It was just so soothing to the throat. It’s become a part of my daily routine now replacing my evening coffee .

Meghna Ambrey

Loved the products. I tried haldi mix. It has very familiar home taste but can't recognize. It's like cosy drink. Very nice concept and very apt for current situation

Sarika Rikame (Haldi)

I am obsessed with clean eating and living healthy. The Pahadi Story Kadha now features my best for health list. It is now part of my daily routine. I take pride in being this picky curator of fine,  natural and organic eating ideas and The Pahadi Story Kadha did not have to work so hard to convince me. It is my new favourite.  My day starts with The Pahadi Story Kadha. What made it work is how easy it is to prepare especially when a person who doesn't like lengthy preparations but also wants authentic solutions. One cup a day and I feel all charged up.

Udita Agarwal

It's authentic, it's amazing and truly holistic. A must have for a strong immune system.

Tarla Jain

It soothes sore throat and helps feel better when you are suffering from the awfully irritating cold. My friend in times when I am ill.

Jayendra Mangela

Ever since I have started The Pahadi Story Kadha, I feel more active and fit. It sure has enhanced my health. Totally lives up to the promise of holistic health. I recommend it.

Vipul Patel

Each time I have a cup of The Pahadi Story Haldi Mix, it feels like a warm hug from within. I sip it regulary now

Abhay Radhakrishnan

I tried the Kadha and the Herbal Infusion varieties, must say both reflected the authentic aromas of The Pahads , wish you and team super luck as The Pahadi Story unfolds ....

Ramannan Unni

For everyone who finds it difficult to fall asleep after a tiring day, a cup of The Pahadi Story Haldi Mix is a great help. Ideal for a sound sleep. And wake up fresh.

Akshay Nair

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