Chai And Green Tea: How Are They Different

Chai And Green Tea

For most of us, tea is the antidote to life's monotony. And appropriately so, for the holy beverage has long been regarded as a stress reliever. However, with today's marketing pacing rapidly, numerous tea variants have surfaced from India. And the debate over the Himalayan green tea versus the Indian-style black chai has now taken the spotlight.

Chai and Green tea are not the same. There are miniscule differences and common traits as well. They are derived from the same tea leaf family, but the difference lies in some external factors and the type of leaf you pick. 

To further understand the differences, it's important to compare the origins, qualities, and benefits of green tea and chai. So, without any further ado, let's begin our quest to find one of the most sought-after answers today!

Green Tea vs Chai: Comparing The Two Perfect Cups

Green Tea vs Chai

Comparing chai with Himalayan green tea is quite a difficult job owing to the array of benefits they pose. 

Chai began as a blend of ingredients, a mixture of herbs and spices soaked in water for use in Ayurveda, a holistic treatment system that emphasises nutrition and energy balance.

Black pepper, ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and other medicinal herbs were later added to make it a home cure for a variety of digestive, immune, and cold-related problems.

Similarly, green tea has a plethora of wellness and mood-lifting qualities. If taken regularly, it can help you reduce weight and lower the risk of various diseases, including diabetes, heart ailments, etc. 

It also promotes immunity and drinking three to five cups of green tea each day can be incredibly good for the heart.

As you can evidently see, both of these beverages provide a plethora of remarkable benefits to humans in various ways. The major difference, however, is in the amount of caffeine present.

Yes, as much as you adore your favourite masala chai or other chai varieties, they do include more caffeine and stimulants. On the other hand, Green tea has a lower caffeine concentration than black tea, making it a truly healthy beverage.

Tracing The Common Grounds

Chai and Himalayan green tea come from the same family of tea leaves. As a result, they contain about the same quantity of oxidants, boosting our immunity and blood circulation.

Both types are high in flavonoid content, with green tea having more catechin flavonoids and chai being rich in theaflavins and thearubigins. These flavonoids help in cellular respiration and curb the transmission of infections in the body. 

Furthermore, both green and masala teas help decrease cholesterol levels, lessening the risk of heart disease.

Who Wins The Race Here?

The answer is entirely dependent on your personal preferences and habits. The only thing to keep in mind is the caffeine content. The caffeine content in chai is roughly 75 mg, while green tea contains 50 mg in the same amount. So it's up to you to make a decision.

You can absolutely regulate these levels by setting up a fixed amount to consume these drinks. Almost all Ayurvedic pahadi masala chai variants possess a myriad of medical qualities that you can't ignore. 

Therefore, the solution is moderation. So, specify an amount you find fit to consume, fix it and get started with your favourite beverage!


Chai and Himalayan green tea's debate is an ever-going one. Be it social media memes or the research pages, they all put so many comparisons and contrasts to set a distinction. But, the reality is that they both are differently evolved faces of the same old beverage that the ancient king accidentally brewed.

Indeed, the royal drink may have become a common drink paired with all those rusk biscuits and crackers, but the idea has remained the same. Be it green tea, Assam Black CTC masala chai, or any other popular tea, the central goal is eliminating all the stress from the mundane routines. 

All of these variants still possess the magic of assisting you in forgetting all the stress. So, without putting too much brain into it, brew your perfect cup of the highest tea grade with The Pahadi Story and enjoy every sip of it!

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