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What Makes Pahadi Food Special

Pahadi food

“More flavour for less” is a phrase that goes hand-in-hand as one thinks of a savoury dish from the high-rising Himalayas. Pahadi food is astonishingly succulent despite being made of few ingredients.

The magical taste of Pahadi cuisine comes from homemade ghee, freshly ground herbs and spices, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Yoghurt is also seen as a secret ingredient in these sumptuous dishes that makes it different from typically available food items in urban areas.

What Is Pahadi Cuisine?

The Pahadi food carries simplicity and is cooked at a low flame with special Ayurvedic spices like:

  • Dalle khursani (a super-spicy chilli)
  • Bhaang jakhiya
  • Gandheri
  • Jambu

Monsoon brings spice treasuries like fiddlehead ferns, lai and bichhoo ghas that find their way seasonally on the ingredient list.  Since these extravagant spices and yoghurt are used in a minimalist fashion in the pahadi cuisines, it truly justifies the unique aroma and flavours these dishes behold.

Dishes made of rice, wheat, lentils, and various legumes are generally the region’s staple diet. Special and famous delicacies of the pahadi region include:

  • Bhat ki churkani
  • Mandua (Ragi) roti
  • Patud
  • Lingur ki Sabzi
  • Bhang ki chutney
  • Pahadi mutton


The Ayurvedic herbs and spices used in the intricate dishes not only satisfy your taste buds but also work for your body’s wellness.

Pahadi Ayurveda: A Magical Remedy

The Himalayas are mostly referred to as “Cradle of Flowering Plants” due to the very reason that it nurtures more than 400 species of medicinal herbs. Pahadi ayurvedic medicines can be seen as effective fortifiers of the immune system.

The people in the Himalayas are largely dependent on these herbs for curing their ailments. Due to poor connectivity and the low availability of city resources, the inhabitants have explored the wellness of ayurvedic herbs and cured themselves naturally for decades.

‘Kadduva’ is one such herb used to cure headaches, body aches, colds, and coughs. ‘Indian aconite’ serves as a powerful antidote for poison and relieves anxiety, gout, asthma, and diabetes. Whereas ‘holy rope’  finds significance in purifying blood, curing influenza, and a poultice for cuts.


These whole herbs balance the mountain ecosystem and can be seen as a go-to pahadi cure. Pahadi haldi, jambu and fiddlehead ferns are ingredients that contain immunity booster qualities. In fact, they can be used to prepare immunity-boosting Kadha to help relieve stress and keep you fit. 

Does Pahadi Haldi Have Benefits?

Pahadi haldi has been used for thousands of years as an essential cooking ingredient and its medicinal purposes extensively in Ayurveda. It is useful due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities it possesses. Pahadi haldi is known to ease symptoms of arthritis and help reduce cholesterol levels.

It is also believed that turmeric, in general, slows the spread of breast cancer and improves cognitive functions in patients with Alzheimer’s. Seeing the benefits of this magical herb, one would want to include it in their daily lifestyle.

The Pahadi Story helps you access top-quality Pahadi haldi mix kadha that contains the ethos and purity of the Himalayas. It blends Himalayan Turmeric, Tulsi, Giloy and nine potent herbs. A cup of this nutritious blend strengthens your immunity and works for your overall wellness!

Pahadi Organics: From Peaks To Packs

The organic way of Pahadi farming is performed by cutting spare hills into steps. Each step is planted with different herbs, and factors like appropriate irrigation and perfect pH soils are kept in mind during cultivation.

The sterile environment, ideal temperatures and significantly low air pollution levels ensure the best cultivation of ayurvedic herbs, spices and other plants of use. “Straight from the Hills” is what defines all the Pahadi organic products that are packed your way from producers like The Pahadi Story.


The medicinal plants, whole spices, and pahadi style farming play an imperative role in uplifting the region’s economic conditions while conserving culture.

Next time you pick up Pahadi products, you are essentially taking a step globally towards empowering the women farmers of these regions.

Moreover, you'll be creating employment opportunities that help uplift an entire community. You open doors for achieving ultimate wellness and nirvana while collecting good deeds your way!

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