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The Pahadi Life: Nature & Nurture Entwined With The Soul

The Pahadi Life

“Mountains are calling” is a phrase that you may often hear in any conversation about the mighty Himalayas. That's because of people’s notion that everything feels better in the mountains. Let's explore the ethos of the pahadi life.

What's So Special About The Mountains?

Purely from a soulful perspective, the grasslands, coniferous forests, wetlands, and more are a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, diverse wildlife finds shelter in these vast ranges, including the mystic snow leopard, Himalayan bear and Tibetan Fox.

It's difficult to resist the serene beauty of the Himalayan mountains with the sparkling untamed rivers and the fresh air that embodies liveliness. This undoubted allure is the reason why the pahadi nature attracts many travellers and tourists.

But aesthetics aren't the only way the mesmerising mountain ranges help humans. They allow the native population to generate a livelihood through tourism that uplifts the communities residing in the region.  

The Beauty Of Pahadi Culture

If you look at the pahadi culture, you would see that the Himalayas serve as a home to various communities. Each of these communities has customs relating to cultural identities, cuisine, dance styles, and others.

In addition, the mountains have diverse biodiversity along with an abundance of resources. There have been several initiatives to work with these isolated communities to conserve and sustainably utilise the bounty of natural resources they possess.

What Is Pahadi Cuisine?

Himalayan cuisine has its extensive mix of pahadi spices used to make lavish dal-bhaat tarkari, tsampa, momos, thukpa, chaa gosht, and several other mouthwatering dishes. However, a  lack of spices in the Himalayan regions has given rise to fermented produce and fresh cooking traditions.

Few local herbs like Garhwali cumin and dalle khursani which are mild in flavour are used for cooking. Thus, pahadi people tend to preserve what grows in the summer months during the harsh winter months.

What Does A Typical Pahadi Day Feel Like?

Waking up at the dawn while chills travel down your spine as you see the snow-covered mountains gleaming because of the sunrise describes a typical Pahadi morning. As one heads off to the fields for daily tasks, the delicious aroma of Pahadi cuisine fills the environment.

Evenings are mostly spent having a cup of special pahadi teas with herbs and collecting wood for night bonfires. Then, as the dusk falls, the shimmer goes blue and pahadis curl up in their blankets with peace after feeling content with a long day of hard work.

The beauty and culture of the mountains may feel quite enchanting, but the life of a pahadi is not all rosy. Lack of resources like employment, basic amenities and electricity, education, and the need for better living standards are some challenges a pahadi faces daily. 

The Future Of Pahadi Life

When working with communities comes into the picture, a general curiosity arises about what pahadi life is all about. Adapting to the tough climatic conditions and topography of this region is the basic step of survival.

The inhabitants depend mainly on agriculture, animal rearing, horticulture, and recently tourism to raise a living. Lack of communication, harsh climatic conditions and remoteness have been key factors in the slower evolution of the socio-economic lifestyle of these people.

In search of better employment opportunities, males are often seen migrating to urban setups, leading to females stepping up to work and creating a living in the village for the family. 

The Pahadi Story is a brand that has become one of the empowering backbones of these communities by generating livelihoods as they embark on their journey of “peaks-to-packs” while bringing pure organic products from the mountains to the city life.


One can say that the Himalayas are home to varied ethnicities, which are mainly preserved due to the isolation they have experienced. Consequently, there are differing beliefs, religious practices prevalent in this region, with each one forming its customs.

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