Determination & Grit: The Story Of Pahadi Women Farmers

Pahadi Women Farmers

Pahadi women have the grit and determination to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary world. Their superior work ethic and values based on the Pahadi tradition allows them to excel at farming in the wretched pahadi climate. This is their story.  

What Is Pahadi Farming?

Pahadi farming takes place in hilly (Pahadi) regions of India. Pahadi regions are best suited for the cultivation of Pahadi Ayurvedic herbs and spices because of the favourable climate. In addition, this type of farming is mainly organic and eliminates chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

These strong women are not only the backbone of their homes but also the states that they call home. Pahadi women farmers keep supporting their families and the state’s economy through farming. However, they have faced several challenges in the past decade to sustain their livelihood.

Troubles Faced By Pahadi Women Farmers

Life does not come easy for Pahadi women farmers. For years they have struggled for their identity. For years they have carried the burden of their family’s well-being on their shoulders.

Pahadi women farmers were suffering from several problems like:

  • Reduction in farm holdings
  • Depleting water, soil and other natural resources
  • Difficulty in accessing investments and credit facilities
  • Unavailability of relevant technology


The Pahadi Story has helped these women keep the Pahadi tradition alive, giving them an opportunity to create value out of their skills through organic farming and sourcing. Here’s the tale of two such Pahadi women.

The Tale Of Two Strong Pahadi Women Farmers

Uma Negi, with great happiness, shares her comprehensive outlook on all that The Pahadi Story has done for her.  On being asked what The Pahadi Story means to her, she shares that it has given her the strength and independence she always wanted.

The Pahadi Story educated her about the importance of Giloy and Haldi for the immune system. Further, The Pahadi Story has helped her with earnings. Now she can look after her family, send her children to schools and pay for their expenses.

Deepa Mehta, another member of The Pahadi Story, shared her progress. She believes she has experienced tremendous growth and independence being a part of this start-up.

Deepa finds happiness in passing on the wisdom of the mountains to urban life. She respects the system that has allowed her to follow the Pahadi tradition and given wings to her aspirations and dreams.

The Role Of Pahadi Ayurvedic Medicine & Food

The Ayurvedic approach in the Pahadi region is rooted in the belief that a balance between the mind, body and spirit can lead to health and wellness. In fact, the Pahadi tradition makes extensive use of Ayurveda.

Pahadi Ayurvedic herbs and plant extracts found in hilly regions can boost your immunity naturally. Moreover, it focuses on promoting good health rather than fighting diseases.


Pahadi women farmers are the true spirit of The Pahadi Story. These strong and spirited women make it what it is today. Inspired by the sheer courage and initiative of the Pahadi women farmers, It strives towards the financial independence and livelihood creation of these women.

The Pahadi Story believes in enabling and empowering the strong spirited Pahadi women. Therefore, when you choose its products, you decide to empower these women.

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