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Managing Diabetes The Pahadi Way

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Diabetes Mellitus, better known as Diabetes in most households, is a designated metabolic disease induced by an amplified glucose level. The cause?

Insulin production within the pancreas of the human body gradually loses its efficiency. The reduced amount of insulin becomes ineffective or simply inadequate.

Managing Diabetes The Pahadi Way

Furthermore, this hints at a long-term ramification and sometimes creates fatal repercussions for the affected patient. Let's walk through the nitty gritties of Diabetes and explore the Pahadi Way of managing the ailment.

Types Of Diabetes

The two types of diabetics that have been prominently observed in several medical case studies are as follows:

A. Type 1

The elemental definition of Insulin-Dependent or Type-1 Diabetes stems from a chronic or genetic component, particularly on the lack or lessening of Insulin production in the Pancreas.

B. Type 2

Type 2 diabetes, the more generic popular form visibly witnessed in an adult, branches out of the body’s internal wish to resist insulin production or allowances made for reduced generations. However, in both the above cases, the potential of sustaining other complications like:

  • Organ failure
  • Kidney ailments
  • Vision loss

Along with these, many other medical anomalies might still lurk around the corner. Thus, this makes it more than essential to always attest a keen eye to any weird feelings or peculiarities.

Organic Measures To Deal With Diabetes

Did you know that green tea and diabetes are inversely related to one another? As published in a Japanese study, it has been noticed that people who consume organic green tea regularly during the day are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than others who indulge in sweet tea.

Therefore, especially in terms of drinks for diabetes, the main concern during this period becomes the ability to avoid any sugary nuisance that might further aggravate the situation. 

Some Dietary And Drinking Dos And Don'ts (With A Pahadi Twist)

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested that Type 2 Diabetes is curable if one follows a strict regimen of exercise and eating limitations. Apart from that, adhere to a diabetic drinks list like your new Bible, preferably from the serene mountain ranges of the Himalayas.

Thus bringing a taste of Pahadi-ness to you within the comfort of your home. For breakfast, feast on a simple diet consisting of Eggs, Greek Yogurt Smoothies, a plethora of Chia Seeds and Nuts, and a warm cup of sugarless tea for Diabetes to wash it all down.

To accommodate the antioxidant and nutritious mains for dinner and lunch, choose from a wide spectrum of fatty fish. Portion them out alongside green vegetables and broccoli tossed in diabetic drinks list-friendly ingredients like apple cider or olive oil vinaigrette.

Keep rotating this diet with other superfoods such as beans, avocado, and others. Try avoiding processed consumables, carbohydrates, and energy drinks as much as possible unless they are the specific sugar-less energy drinks for diabetics.

However, always say yes to natural medication and immunity boosters fragranced with a waft of Pahadi culture, if you are a lucky resident of the South-Eastern Subcontinent.


Include the mystical goodness of the Mountains in your nutrient and antioxidant-rich diet. Embark on a journey towards a healthy lifestyle and routine and terminate Diabetes in its path. Holding the hands of Ayurvedic traditions, comprehend the commencement of a new ailment-free era.

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