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If You Want to Boost Immunity Look to the Gut

If You Want to Boost Immunity Look to the Gut

One hundred trillion microorganisms reside in the gut. The battle between good bacteria and bad bacteria is constant. Behind the veil, the gut hosts 70 percent of the immune system, where good bacteria further strengthen the gut health. In addition, it communicates with you in times of need. Therefore, it is correct to look at the gut to boost immunity.

The road to a robust lifestyle is paved with a healthy gut. While the recent pandemic taught us the importance of immunity, we are yet to understand how to achieve it.

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According to pahadi Ayurveda, one of the great ways to achieve natural immunity is through immunity booster ayurvedic products. A balanced diet, nutrient-rich food, and healthy drinks like Himalayan green tea can help you improve gut health.

Let us dive in and explore how to maintain gut health.

Signs of Unhealthy Gut

When gut health deteriorates, the immunity bears the impact. As a result, 50% of Australians experience gut problems. Here are some warning symptoms that can reveal issues in your gut:

Stomach Problems

Constant bloating, gas, and constipation are direct signs of the issue. An upset stomach is a primary symptom; it can be caused by bacterial overgrowth or inflammation. If the problem persists, it is time to change your routine.

Constant Tiredness

If your diet is full of processed food or sugar, you likely feel fatigued. The high-sugar diet increases fatigue, a common indicator of an unhealthy gut. If you have sugar cravings, especially high-fructose corn syrup, it is a sign that your gut needs help.

Weight Change

The body struggles to absorb nutrients when the gut functions poorly and the immunity becomes weak. It also restricts the regulation of blood. Poor gut environment results in improper fat distribution resulting in obesity.

Skin & Mood Issues

Some common skin-related diseases might get aggravated with poor gut health. It further affects the immune system and nervous track. In addition, it leads to the elevation of anxiety and depression.

Disturbed Sleep

With a chaotic gut biome, good sleep is off the table. Serotonin helps in managing wake-sleep cycles. Imbalance in the gut microbiome results in the depletion of serotonin levels.

Immunity booster ayurvedic products are usually advised to replenish natural levels of hormones and nutrients.

How to Build Immunity

How to Build Immunity?

Now that we have covered the tell-tale signs of an upset gut let us explore the ways to improve it. It will not just improve digestion but also aid in enhancing cognitive functions and enhancing immunity.

Active Lifestyle

Exercising is the first milestone in the pursuit of health. Exercise and fitness are not restrictive to body-building. It helps in maintaining the regular contraction of the intestines. Yoga, stretching, weightlifting, and cardio are usually preferred. However, a simple walk or hiking can be helpful too.

When the gut is functional, the diseases are kept at bay. According to a recent study, physical activity improves the ratio of good bacteria. A sedentary lifestyle destroys the good to bad microbe ratio in our bodies.

Making a consistent routine of 30 minutes of exercise per day can show incredible results.

Healthy Food

Pahadi Ayurveda suggests a diet rich in all six tastes—salty, spicy, sweet, sour, astringent and bitter. It eliminates cravings and reconstructs a strong immune system by improving gut health.

The soothing effects of Himalayan green tea help improve digestion. Plant foodfruits and vegetables reduce the pressure on the gut. Plant-based diets and immunity booster ayurvedic products are extremely helpful.

Stay Hydrated

It is old news that water is essential. However, it plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy number of bacteria in the gut. It regulates bowel movements and assists in lubricating food with enzymes and acids in the stomach.

One of the most common reasons for constipation is dehydration. Therefore, it is vital to take an adequate amount of water.

Inability to be hydrated consistently impairs the body's functioning and results in fatigue and slow digestion. Even 1-3% of dehydration affects energy levels and cognitive ability.

Sugar-Free Lifestyle

High-sugar diets destroy good bacteria and help in the growth of bad microbes and pathogens. It results in many disorders, diseases and discomfort.

It can have behavioural impacts—high cravings, fatigue, low mood, etc. Many people are stuck in this constant cycle of sugar craving and intake.

You should not completely eliminate processed food and sugar. However, you should closely watch what you are consuming and how often. Maintaining a healthy diet plan is very important. Lean protein and a fibre-rich diet improve gut health and boost immunity.

Proper Sleep

There is growing evidence that establishes a link between the circadian cycle and gut health. Fluctuations in the microbiota of the gut are prominent during the night. They are responsible for maintaining the sleep cycle.

There is a mutual connection between sleep and gut health, affecting immunity. Proper rest, or the lack thereof, plays a major role in good choices.

Eliminating stress and distractions is the way to go. A scheduled sleeping time coupled with an active and productive day can help in improving gut health. It ensures a fast immune response and high immunity.


We all know the basics—a healthy gut helps in digestion. While it is absolutely true, we fail to understand its game-changing role. Gut health impacts the entire body, especially the immune system. So when seeking to boost immunity, the first level is checking gut health.

Fermented food and saturated and processed meals burden the digestive tract. The signs of compromised immunity and unhealthy gut are evident in the form of fatigue and cravings.

Balancing microbiota and improving gut health is the best way to boost immunity. You can start with exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and trying immunity booster ayurvedic products.

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