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Drinking Tea May Improve Your Health — Here's What to Try

Drinking Tea May Improve Your Health — Here's What to Try

The best stress buster? Most answers you will receive for this is Tea. It doesn't matter whichever the season is, Tea is still the top preference for many. One can consume it hot or cold, depending upon taste. Most people have an addiction to Tea. It not only is refreshing, but it also has some health benefits too. Green tea packs are the most famous among teas. People have it to keep their digestive system on track.

Green tea packs

Earlier, people were not aware of the various types of teas available. Today, Tea can cure the symptoms of most diseases. You can take the fluid in a flavorful way. Tea helps and protects your heart and your teeth. It also prevents cancer, dehydration, and obesity.


Camellia sinensis plant leaves are the main leaves behind all non-herbal teas. Different types of teas have different functions. Whatever time it takes to process the leaves is what determines the color of Tea. The colors are mainly black, green, and oolong tea. 


Drinking 2-3 cups of Tea is equal to the same amount of water. Different varieties of Tea contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. 


Among all, green teas are not that processed. It contains a high level of polyphenols. Green Tea has many types, including Himalayan green Tea and Kashmiri kahwa green tea. Herbal teas soothe the digestive system. Let's move ahead with the top health benefits of drinking Tea. 

  • Keeps Your Body Hydrated


    Water is the primary fluid for hydrating your body. One needs fluid for hydration after long working hours or after exercise. Tea can help you with this. Tea helps in hydration and can be equally beneficial as water. Even when high in caffeine, it is a flavored fluid for the body. Also, it contains certain antioxidants. 


  • Prevents the Risk of Heart Disease


    Tea helps in proper blood flow. It improves blood circulation. This is because it widens key arteries, which prevents the risk of clots. Flavonoid, an antioxidant, slows the onset and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. But always remember, excess of something is always bad. 


  • Helps to Boost Your Memory


    Most scientists trust that a specific variety of teas, especially green tea, boost memory cells. It increases the strength of the brain and protects against dementia. Also, it protects against Alzheimer's disease. This disease has an adverse effect on your memory. It includes memory loss and other mental disorders. 


  • Helps in Fighting Cancer


    Tea drinking is highly beneficial in the protection against cancer. One who drinks 5 or more 5 cups of tea cups has the least chance of developing cancer. These cancers are mainly breast cancers and prostate and mouth cancers. 


  • It has Anti-inflammatory Properties


    Inflammation has a direct link with diabetes and other cognitive declines. All chronic diseases are due to inflammation. The antioxidants, namely polyphenols, present in green Tea, are inflammation fighters. The number of polyphenols in green Tea is much more powerful than vitamin c. It also shows positive results for those with bowel disease due to inflammation.



  • Improves Oral Health


    Sugary sodas and juices, for example, are not all excellent for your tongue. Teas, on the other hand, can help with dental health. Fluoride in Tea can help to improve microbial activity there in the mouth. Chronic periodontitis, cavities, and perhaps oral cancer are all reduced as a result of this. If you drink Tea, you can feel really good regarding overall oral health, although if you don't floss every now and then.


  • Helps to Improve Metabolism


    Polyphenols that are present in green, black, and oolong tea helps to reduce calories. This prevents from gaining excess body fat. Tea increases brown fat. This metabolically active fat has more mitochondria than white one. It, therefore, helps you to burn calories and helps in the improvement of metabolism. 


    Different Types of Tea


    Now here comes a question. What type of Tea should you prefer? There are mainly 4 types of teas. Namely, green, black, white, and oolong tea. Let's figure out the best suitable Tea for you. 


  • Green Tea
  •  Green Tea

    Green Tea helps in better performance of the liver. Also, it is well known to prevent arthritis as it strengthens your bones. You can make it by adding green tea bags to boiled water. Leave it for 5 minutes. It will be able to get more antioxidants and will be more flavorful. 


  • Black Tea
  •  Black Tea

    While green Tea gets the most of the attention, black Tea has many of the same health benefits. It's highly nutritious, so it's fantastic for avoiding illnesses in the mouth or throat. It's been shown to open narrowed arteries by up to 50%, which helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.


  • White Tea
  •  White Tea

    It is the least processed. White Tea has a milder flavor, and caffeine content is much less than black Tea. When selecting leaves of white Tea, it still contains silvery-white hairs. 


  • Oolong tea

    This famous Chinese Tea is good for burning calories. The taste of this Tea is sweet rather than grassy. It has numerous health benefits and feels good to taste. 




    Tea is more popular than any other beverage. Looking at different types of teas, you can select one according to your needs. But before consuming, look at the ingredients. This will let you know in case of any allergen present. Also, adhere to the limit of drinking 6 cups per day. For children, the maximum intake amount of Tea is 2 cups. 

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