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Breaking Down The ABC’S of Flu in The Pahadi Way

The ABC’S of Flu in The Pahadi Way

The Influenza Virus, most commonly attested as the Flu, is an intricate combination of cough, cold, and fever. The viral droplets thus latch on to new patients within the vicinity and the already present antibodies try to fight through it.

The ABC’S of Flu in The Pahadi Way

Symptoms Of The Flu

Many flu symptoms riddle the immunity-system for a duration of 5-7 days, depending upon its seasonal or specific nature. Some of the most common symptoms are listed below-

  • High fever and exhaustion
  • Shivering Chills
  • Irritation and Bodily Aches
  • Light-headedness and Headaches
  • Dry Cough
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Breathlessness
  • Vomiting, Fatigue, Diarrhoea (witnessed mostly in children)

Hence, what starts as a minor cough and fever session that mom’s special kadha for cold can easily treat, requires several doses of bitter antibiotics if due care is not taken at the beginning.

Immunity Boosters To Help Cope With Flu

Have you ever googled the question, “is haldi milk good for cough?” while trying to encumber a seasonal spell of Flu? Then you know that this query is derived from century-old beliefs.

Tracing A Common Heritage

The Indian Ethos of medicinal resistance and immunity-building stems from her deep-rooted ayurvedic heritage. 

Kadha: Taste Of The Spiced Goodness

Kadha for fever and cold, induced with the perfume of spices like turmeric, black pepper, basil, has been often harboured from the essence of aestheticism present within the Pahadi-traditions.

Regarding the Flu, which can deeply affect someone’s respiratory system, it is very important to depend on these century-old norms, besides consuming the medically approved health drinks for Flu. For prevention, our dependency relates upon authentic totkas, that provide robustness in terms of simple living.

Similarly, the immunity beneficiary of a good cup of kadha for cold and Flu, deeply infused with the herbal aromas of spices, can easily help decongest a snotty nose and provide relief to every flu patient.

But the difficulty arises when one is a thousand miles away from the quintessential motherly love in a distant unknown city for work, and bouts of influenza start crippling every last building block of the body. Best kadha for cold during this time gives much needed relief from the discomfort caused by the Flu.

Chronicled around this pandemic phase when most transactions are occurring online, it is very difficult to come across the perfect blend of ayurvedic kadha for cold or even to alleviate the repercussions of Flu, which in certain risk attuned cases may even turn out to be fatal.

Now, this is where you follow the inherent pahadi-ness unique to India.

Haldi- The Mother's Touch

Indulge in the antioxidant and nutrient-rich samples of immunity drinks for Flu, aromatic with the herbs of the mystical mountains.  For example,  the traditional Haldi Mix can give a worried parent some relief while holding on to a warm cup of haldi milk for cough toddler. Or even some sample pouches of kadha that help immune a flu patient from exhaustion and tiredness. 


It is not an enduring experience to relive an extreme viral flu session. Hence, make sure to consume healthy food and natural immunity boosters like haldi, ginger and cardamom regularly while keeping a kadha for common cold recipes handy. And if you are still looking for 100% organic immunity boosters and kadha, then visit the Pahadi Store for a taste of Himalaya within the comfort of your home.

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