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The Pahadi Story Tribe

One team. One purpose. To enable and empower.

Pravin Shah, Enabler

The Vision

“A higher purpose and a need to create a venture rooted to goodness is why I am part of The Pahadi Story. We are co-creating an enterprise that’s driven by Value Creation and Sustainability.”

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar, Enabler

The Expert

“My reason to be The Pahadi Story Tribe is to create products that ensure holistic health of the consumer and also empower its creators. It’s like having the best of both worlds.”

Shweta Shah, Enabler

The Heart

“I wish to make this world a better place. A simple endeavour as it sounds, is a journey of a lifetime.”

Reena Mehta, Enabler

The Poet

“It’s an honour to engage in the art and craft I love – writing for goodness and compassion. For the love of pahads, the pahadis and the purpose of giving back, I choose to be The Pahadi Story Tribe.”

Navin Nagarkar, Enabler

The Hands-On Guy

“Sustaining, managing and running a great idea is what drives me. The Pahadi Story appeals to the management geek in me and the higher purpose is an added twist."