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Masala Chai Tea: What Is It and Where To Buy

Masala Chai Tea: What Is It and Where To Buy

For many, a cup of chai is nothing less than the boost they need to get through the day. You may want to know where to buy masala chai tea if you're a fan of it. The history of masala chai tea goes back to the times of Ayurveda. 

Masala Chai Tea

Every Indian household has a recipe for masala chai, and you can buy authentic Indian masala chai tea online for affordable rates. The blend is made from all the organic materials made from the choicest ingredients in India. 

What is Chai Tea? 

Chai and tea are the same things. If you have had the westernised version of tea, you must know that it lacks flavour. Indians have their version of chai, and you can easily buy masala chai tea blend. 

Indian tea or masala chai is an enriched – rather the original – version of tea, dating back 9000 years. It is rich and milky, deep-coloured, and bursts with flavour. It has a toasty bitter flavour and is slightly bold, which can surprise you. 

Masala chai is made of spices. You could say that it is a spiced version of chai. If you've been to Starbucks or Cafe Coffee Day, you must have come across “masala” chai. But is it authentic? No. 

When you come to India, you will find vendors at the end of each street selling chai. They will call out “chai” and pour you a cup of hot masala chai from a thermos, or will fix you a cup right from the pot.

Why Should You Drink Masala Chai Tea? 

A cup of flavourful masala chai tea is one of the best delicacies you can try. No wonder it is a favourite among so many. Although India has so many beverages, nothing gives competition to masala chai tea. Not only is it flavourful, but there are also quite a few benefits of masala chai tea. 

Masala chai tea has cinnamon which is extremely beneficial for lowering blood pressure and, one of the main reasons you should buy masala chai tea. 

Some of the benefits of buying masala chai tea include the following:

  • Black tea is rich in caffeine and helps balance the mixture of spices. Drinking one cup of masala chai tea will give you a boost of energy. It will energize you if you're too tired. 
  • Tea is enriched with nutrients that will play an important role in treating nausea. If you dash some ginger in tea, it can help relieve pain
  • Cinnamon and cloves are the most common ingredients of masala chai. If you're looking forward to where to buy masala chai tea, you could buy a blend of the tea leaves and spices, or make the masala blend yourself. The cinnamon and cloves in masala chai boost your immunity system. 
  • The masala chai tea is made of specialized herbs and spices. With the right blend of the proportion of the pepper, it can help in improving digestion. 

Composition of Masala Chai Tea

The masala chai tea blend is easily available online. However, before buying any product, you must consider its composition and ingredients. 

Some of the common compositions of masala chai tea that are a hit among the Indian tea lovers include the following:

  • Masala chai tea with a pinch of elaichi powder
  • Masala chai with a dash of clove and cinnamon
  • Masala chai with cinnamon and ginger

Make sure you're grating the ginger and cinnamon and using it to pour in masala chai. 

What to Consider When You’re Buying Masala Chai Blend Online? 

Buying Masala Chai

You must check all the basic product information when purchasing a masala chai blend. Some of the common things to consider while purchasing masala chai blend online include the following:

  • The herbs should be organic, and the leaves should not be coiled. 
  • The masala chai herbs should be free from any chemical or harmful ingredients. 
  • If the masala chai blend has ginger, check the proportion of ginger, and it shouldn't be too high as it will overpower the tea.

Finding a product’s information is as simple as reading the description and checking the reviews.

Where to Buy Masala Chai Tea?

If you're wondering where can I buy masala chai tea online, The Pahadi Story can be a great place. Made of authentic and natural herbs, masala chai tea can be a great choice.  

Besides offering masala chai tea, our store also offers Himalayan Green tea. It is a great option for boosting your gut health, and sore throat and helping you detox. Drinking natural Himalayan Green tea can also help to keep your heart healthy. 

The Himalayan Green tea also helps to treat colds and increases concentration. It is one of the most prominent tea blends with many benefits. 


The age-old masala chai, or spiced tea, is one of the most popular blends. Originating from India, the masala chai blend is available in almost all the corners of the world. 

The Pahadi Story is one of the best online brands for all your tea needs. Made out of authentic and natural herbs, there are no dangerous chemicals that can cause you harm. It's pure, natural and delicious. Try our variety of blends today!

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