In today’s fast-paced life, we hustle for success amidst competition and struggles, which leads to gradual health deterioration over time. In addition, Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, societal expectations, personal commitments and corporate work culture cater to an insidious increase in stress on people.

 Stress: The Downside of Survival

As a result, the symptoms of anxiety are ubiquitous with unimaginable repercussions. Stress has now rooted its existence in all age categories, but those with troubled personal, psychological, and health backgrounds tend to suffer severely.

Discovering A Path To Well Being

Stress may lead to new health problems or increase the existing ones; hence it is important to detect the symptoms and work on their eradication with full rigour. Meditating, exercising, talking it out and fixing your sleep schedule may prove to be beneficial in downsizing the problem.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food by adding a stress relief drink like matcha can be considered a good start. These drinks help instantly stimulate your cells, providing you relief in your mental and physical health. In addition, there are several drinks that calm anxiety and aid your soul to achieve the calmness it seeks after a long tiring day.

Distressed To De-stressed

Herbal teas can be an excellent way to instigate a moment of peace and relaxation in your daily routine. For example, a cup of stress relief tea reduces stress and helps improve sleep disorders, cure digestive issues, and build immunity. In addition, these teas serve to be an addon to your well-being as they work like therapy for an underlying condition.

Sitting by the window after an exhausting day at work with a cup of freshly brewed green tea would help take the edge off the day’s stress.

Find Your Perfect Matcha!

A perfect cup of herbal tea includes different mixes of mint teas, lavender tea leaves, rose teas, chamomile teas and matcha. Ingredients such as mint and chamomile in some varieties of herbal tea for stress are loaded with relaxing effects combined with sweet and floral aromas. Mint is also seen to reduce frustrations and fatigue other than just anxiety. According to a study, it is seen that prolonged use of chamomile extract helps reduce signs of generalised anxiety disorders.

As the market is flooded with various drinks for stress, finding the right one for yourself can be a tedious task. ‘Refreshing calm green tea’ is one such amazing blend of Mint and Chamomile offered by The Pahadi Story. It is a brand that brings you a soothing cup of ethically sourced green tea from the wellness of the mighty Himalayas.


Prolonged stress can lead to many health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart diseases and immunity disorders. Stress in life is inescapable but surely manageable with the right approach towards health.

Therefore taking a moment out of your busy schedule and preparing a cup of stress relief tea can be your small self-care effort, which yields significant results. It may prove to be your ray of relief in the never-ending tunnel of stressed life.

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