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Our Story

करुणा का कार्य

An Act of Compassion

Inspired by the sheer grit and gumption of the Pahadi women farmers, anchored to the natural miracles of the Himalayas and envisioning a world of wellness, we weaved an eternal story – The Pahadi Story.

We are purpose-induced brand that believes growth and goodness are the two axis of an empowering equilibrium. And from it, is born The Pahadi Story – a brand committed to enabling and empowering. A brand that build lives and generates livelihoods.

पवित्र्ता की शपथ

The Oath of Purity

  • We belong to the ethereal symbol of purity, the Himalayas.
  • We are nothing but goodness.
  • Our journey of “peaks-to-packs” is a conscious one.
  • Every product and experience we create finds its genesis in the traditional wisdom of the Pahadi People.
  • The wisdom that is about living harmoniously with nature and ensuring its pure self is retained in any kind of translation.
  • Each of our products are a deliberate creation and a commitment to quality.
  • We believe in ‘no rush’. What we create is limited, rare and pure.
  • No modern-world nuances can make us compromise on our oath.
  • For we believe that purity and quality aren’t just words.
  • They are a reflection of who you want to be.
  • And we are where we belong. We are our Story.


Our philosophy is rooted to the belief that purity is the source of all beauty. We, at The Pahadi Story, commit to borrow the eternally pure essence and wisdom of the mountains and infuse it into urban lives.

Around this commitment, we weave an ecosystem that empowers the natives of the mystical Himalayas, for they are the source of all that we envision to be. Livelihood creation and financial independence of the Pahadi women farmers is our prerogative and reason of existence.

As we weave our story, we ensure that its pillars are sheer consciousness and sustenance. We promise to value the generosity of nature, use what we need and replenish what it deserves.

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