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Weight Loss Combo

Fulfill the promise you made to yourself at the start of the year with our Weight Loss Combo

Our Weight Loss Combo contains two of our premium Pahadi green teas, Slim Easy and Detox Right. The Slim Easy tea aids in weight loss by improving digestion and the Detox Right detoxifies the body. These green teas are naturally packed with antioxidants which boost metabolism to further aid you on your journey!

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How do Slim Easy and Detox Right Green Tea help with weight loss?

Green Tea is naturally packed with antioxidants which increase metabolism and give you more energy, which keeps you more active. The Slim Easy Green Tea helps in burning fat while Detox Right keeps your gut in good shape so you can avoid bloating and achieve your goals faster.

What’s the best time to have the Weight Loss combo?

It’s recommended that you consume green tea on an empty stomach to boost metabolism throughout the day. We would recommend Slim Easy green tea in the morning and Detox Right in the evening for better results.

How many times a day should you have the Weight Loss combo?

It is recommended that you do not go over 2-6 cups a day to achieve healthy and sustainable results.

Can a green tea detoxify your body?

Yes. A green tea detox works wonders due to the antioxidants in it. It helps neutralise the free radicals responsible for the ageing of your skin and combats pathogens and viruses to keep you from falling sick.

Is drinking this Weight Loss Combo alone enough to achieve weight loss?

There is no doubt that green tea will keep you more active and get you closer to your goals but you need to pair that up with a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve your goals.

How much time will it take to lose weight with the Weight Loss Green tea combo?

Regular consumption of green tea can help with weight loss but it is not possible to predict the amount of time that will take. It depends on each individual’s lifestyle.

What are the benefits of the Weight Loss combo?

The Slim Easy green tea and Detox Right green tea aid in detoxification, burning fat, reducing digestive issues, reducing stress and boosting metabolism.

What are the ingredients of the Weight Loss combo?

The Slim Easy Green Tea is a blend of fennel seeds and cinnamon. The Detox Right Green Tea is a blend of ginger and holy basil.

What do the teas in the Weight Loss combo taste like?

The Slim Easy tea has strong but well-balanced notes of spicy and sweet with refreshing undertones. The Detox Right has a subtly spicy zing of flavours that leave behind a calming feel.

Will the Weight Loss combo help with bloating issues?

Yes, both the Slim Easy tea and Detox Right have ingredients that will help you deal with digestive issues, which in turn will reduce bloating.

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