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Throat Care Combo Green Tea

Prevent a sore throat from getting in the way of a good day!

When a sore throat gets you feeling down, our Throat Care combo is there to rescue you! It consists of Immuni Boost and Throat Soothe whole leaf premium Pahadi green teas. Together, they’ll boost your immunity to prevent further infections, ease sore throat and help in detoxifying so you can feel so much better!

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How does Green Tea boost immunity?

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which boost immunity and it also helps flush out free radicals that can cause damage. The most active polyphenols in green tea, EGCG binds a glycoprotein onto the flu virus cell which prevents the cell from being able to contaminate other cells.  The L-theanine present in green tea also helps in the production of white blood cells.

What makes Immuni Boost the best green tea for the immune system?

Immuni Boost Green Tea increases the quantity of white blood cells that are vital for keeping away pathogens from our body. Sourced ethically from the tea estates of Uttarakhand, this green tea builds immunity through its rich blend of clove, ginger and cardamom.

What are the benefits of green tea for immunity?

Immuni Boost Green Tea helps build metabolism and detoxifies your body for strengthening immunity. It also possesses an immunomodulatory effect which makes it anticancer, antifungal and antibacterial.

Why is Throat Soothe Green Tea good for sore throat?

Green tea contains antimicrobial properties that help it fight off viral and bacterial infections responsible for a sore throat. Additionally, consuming hot beverages is an effective treatment for sore throat. Thus, drinking green tea for sore throat is equivalent to having the perfect antidote!

What’s the best way to consume Throat Soothe tea?

If you want to further add to the benefits of Throat Soothe, you should add honey to it. Honey is widely popular for its strong antimicrobial, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, you can get quick relief by adding a spoonful of honey to green tea for a sore throat. Natural honey and green tea complement each other perfectly without causing any side effects.

What’s the best time to have the Throat Care combo?

There is no set time to have the Throat Care combo. But since Kashmiri Kahwa has destressing properties, it is best enjoyed during the evening. The Immuni Boost tea can be had in the morning on an empty stomach.

Is the Throat Care Combo safe for children?

Yes, it is safe for children over the age of five years but since it contains caffeine, it is recommended that no more than 2 cups should be given to them.

What are the overall health benefits of the Throat Care combo?

Other than the main benefit of helping you take good care of your throat, the Throat Soothe combo also improves digestion, metabolism, relieves cough and cold while providing further protection from future cough and cold.

What are the ingredients in the Throat Care Combo?

Both the Throat Soothe Green Tea and the Immuni Boost tea are made of whole leaf CTC Pahadi green tea leaves. The Throat Soothe tea has licorice and ginger while the Immuni Boost tea has a blend of green cardamom, ginger and cloves.

What does the Throat Care combo taste like?

Immuni Boost has the perfect balance of Indian flavours with a warm and soothing mouth feel. The Throat Soothe Green Tea has spicy notes with lingering sweetness in the back from the cinnamon.

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