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Stress Combat Combo Green Tea

Find serenity in a cup with our Stress Combat green tea combo.

Unwind after a stressful day at work with our 100% natural Mind Spa & Refreshing Calm authentic whole leaf Himalayan green tea. While The Mind Spa tea will help in improving concentration and building immunity, the Refreshing Calm tea will calm your mind and relieve stress. Together, they’ll refresh and destress you to give you a peaceful night.

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How does Green Tea help in stress relief?

Green Tea provides relaxation by releasing chemicals in your brain that are linked to the feeling of happiness and contentment. This calms you down and reduces your stress levels. Regular consumption of green tea can even prevent burning out due to excess stress.

Does drinking green tea help with anxiety?

Drinking green tea for relaxation and anxiety relief works by calming down the tense muscles of the brain and releasing relaxing chemicals. Thus, you feel a rush of positive energy that overrides the negative feelings that arise due to anxiety.

How does Mind Spa Green Tea help the brain?

Mind Spa Green Tea, made from ashwagandha and turmeric, is the rejuvenation that your mind needs. This ancient, miraculous combination fights off the stress-building agents, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. You can also consume this green tea for concentration improvement.

How does Mind Spa tea help in improving concentration?

Having green tea for concentration works wonders because of the presence of caffeine in it. Low-content intake of caffeine enhances the blood flow to all your organs and brain, making you feel calmer and alert. And Mind Spa Green Tea is famous for this benefit.

Can Refreshing Calm help in improving sleep quality?

Yes, Refreshing Calm contains chamomile which is a destresser known for its relaxing qualities which will make it easier to sleep.

What are the ingredients of the Stress-relief combo?

Both Refreshing Calm and Mind Spa tea have whole leaf Pahadi green tea leaves. Refreshing Calm has a combination of chamomile and mint. Mind Spa has a combination of turmeric, Ashwagandha and ginger.

What are the benefits of the Stress-relief combo?

Refreshing Calm Green Tea relieves stress, calms the mind, improves sleep quality and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Mind Spa green tea improves digestion, boosts metabolism, builds immunity and aids in detoxification.

What is the best time to have the Stress-relief combo? Is there an order for drinking?

Refreshing Calm is best enjoyed close to the time you go to bed. Mind Spa is good for any time of the day when you’re feeling burnt out and need an extra boost.

Does The Stress-relief combo boost productivity?

Yes, the Stress-relief green tea combo can help in boosting productivity. The Mind Spa green tea helps improve concentration which can help you get the job done quicker. Refreshing Calm green tea can help you relax which in turn can prevent you from feeling burnt out.

What do the teas in the Stress-relief combo taste like?

Refreshing Calm Green Tea has a floral taste with a soothing calmness. Mind Spa Green Tea has refreshingly spicy notes with an underlying earthiness.

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