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Re-energize Combo

An energizing powerhouse of flavours.

We packed together two of our most flavourful and energizing teas, the regal Kashmiri Kahwa and the refreshing Masala Chai to give you a boost of energy that’ll get you through the day. But it’s not just the explosive flavours that makes this combo so amazing, it’s also the numerous health benefits like strengthening immunity, common cold relieving, stress relieving and improving digestion.

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What’s the best time to have the Re-Energize Combo?

The Re-Energize combo is the perfect solution for midday blues but you can start off by having Masala Chai in the morning before your workout or before you leave your home. The Kashmiri Kahwa tea is great for your evening teatime.

How does tea boost energy?

Both green and black tea are packed with antioxidants which boost energy levels and metabolism to keep you active.

Is the Masala Chai a premix, whole leaf tea leaves or tea dust?

The Masala Chai is a mix of whole leaf black tea leaves sourced from the summer harvest in Assam.

Do you need to add milk to Masala chai?

Nope, you can enjoy it with or without milk.

Does the Masala chai contain powdered spices?

Masala chai contains half beaten spices because half beating spices keeps the flavour, aroma and benefits intact.

Does the Kashmiri Kahwa tea turn pink?

Nope, the main catalyst for the reaction which turns the Kashmiri Kahwa tea pink is baking soda, which we do not add to our tea. It may have a light pink colour owing to the presence of rose petals.

Is the Re-Energize combo suitable for weight loss?

Yes, the Re-Energize combo is good for weight loss as well because it is packed with antioxidants that keep you active and increase metabolism so you can burn fat.

Does the Re-Energize combo have caffeine?

Caffeine is one of the main ingredients of the masala chai but it is present in low quantities so it’ll help you concentrate without having any other side effects. The Kashmiri Kahwa green tea also has small amounts of caffeine.

Does the Re-Energize combo have any other health benefits?

Masala Chai has anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties. The Kashmiri Kahwa tea keeps your heart healthy, it’s good for skin and it also relieves stress and common cold symptoms.

What does the Re-Energize combo taste like?

Kashmiri Kahwa has a medley of sweet and spicy notes with floral undertones from the rose petals. Masala Chai has a perfect balance of spicy and sweet notes that will warm you up.

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