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Patchouli Incense Stick

Enliven your senses and soothe your mind with the enchanting aroma of The Pahadi Story Patchouli incense sticks. A coming together of patchouli, khus root, jigat, mint, sandalwood and patchouli aroma oil. Hand-rolled with love by our pahadi women. An earthy, musky aroma for enhancing your mood and soothing your mind.

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How to brew

Recommended by Health Professionals
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What's Inside?

  • Patchouli powder

    Patchouli powder
  • Sandalwood

  • khus root powder

    khus root powder
  • Patchouli aroma oil

    Patchouli aroma oil
  • Mint


Why choose The Pahadi Story Incense Stick

  • Upto 1 hour burning time

  • Charcoal Free

  • 100% Sulfur Free

  • 100% Natural

Customer Reviews


    Ethereal purity from the mystical Himalayas


    In harmony with nature, consciously eco friendly


    Creating livelihoods that build lives