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Meditation Incense Stick

Enhance your day with the sweet and classic woody scent of Sandalwood that has been ingeniously blended with the base note of musk and the warmth of aromatic tree resins that release their inherent Oriental note when burned. Bring home The Pahadi Story Meditation incense stick, hand-rolled with love by our pahadi women. A coming together of aromas that linger like sweet melody, instill calm, help you meditate and uplift your day.

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How to brew

Recommended by Health Professionals
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What's Inside?

  • Sandalwood

  • Pahadi Tulsi

    Pahadi Tulsi
  • Vetiver Roots Powder

    Vetiver Roots Powder

Why choose The Pahadi Story Incense Stick

  • Upto 1 hour burning time

  • Charcoal Free

  • 100% Sulfur Free

  • 100% Natural

Customer Reviews


    Ethereal purity from the mystical Himalayas


    In harmony with nature, consciously eco friendly


    Creating livelihoods that build lives