अनूठी हिमालयन पाचन शक्ति
An Intricately Natural Infusion crafted to strengthen your digestive system.

Borrowing from the Pahadi goodness, the traditional homegrown wisdom of concoctions that strengthen our gut. A luxuriously natural infusion crafted to aid your digestive system. A blend of 10 potent herbs, spices and florals, known for their digestive properties, come together to form a tasteful, aromatic digestive drink, a concoction that will remind you of your mother’s home remedies. A sprinkle of The Pahadi Story Digest, infuses a lightness that energizes you. A recommended sip for a stronger gut, for treating bloating and relieving indigestion.

  • No Caffeine

  • 100% Natural

  • No Added Flavour

  • No Preservatives


Our authentic blend for your holistic health.

  • Reduces Bloating

  • Relives Indigestion

  • Stronger Gut


Our authentic blend for your holistic health.

  • Caraway जीरा

    The spicy zest. Encourage healthy digestion and promotes weight loss.

  • Asafoetida हींग

    A tasteful zing. Aids digestion, soothes stomach discomfort.

  • Carom Seeds (Ajwain) अजवाइन

    Anti-inflammatory. Improves cholesterol levels.

  • Chamomile कैमोमाइल

    The calming floral. Improves sleep quality. Helps relax. Aids digestion

  • Fennel Seeds सौंफ

    A storehouse of vital nutrients. Abundant in Vitamin C, bolsters the immune system

  • Ginger अदरक

    The twist of freshness. Improves metabolism, reduces muscle pain & soreness and aids digestion.

  • Liquorice मुलेठी

    A perennial herb. Antiseptic properties and boosts immunity.

  • Pudina Leaves पुदीना

    Naturally refreshing. Relieves indigestion, refreshing breath, helps in common cold

  • Rosemary दौनी

    The cognitive stimulant. A rich source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and enhances the immune system.

  • Turmeric हल्दी

    The golden spice. Immunity boosting properties and highly rich in antioxidants.


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