अनूठी हिमालयन शुद्धि
Herbal Infusion crafted to detoxify you.

Translating the pahadi purity into a luxuriously natural herbal infusion. A poetic coming together of 8 authentic herbs, spices and florals, makes a light aromatic, prosaic cup of Detoxifying goodness. A teaspoon of The Pahadi Story Detox (शुद्ध) herbal infusion is a whiff of enchanting peaks engulfing you. A recommended sip for weight loss, health restoration and detox.

  • No Caffeine

  • 100% Natural

  • No Added Flavour

  • No Preservatives


Our authentic blend for your holistic health.

  • Detoxifies

  • Restores Health

  • Aids Weight Loss


Our authentic blend for your holistic health.

  • Bay Leaf तेज़ पत्ता

    The divine leaf. Rich source of Vitamins C, boosts immunity and aids digestion.

  • Black Pepper काली मिर्च

    The spicy twist. Improves appetite, digestion & respiratory functions.

  • Cinnamon दालचीनी

    The royal spice. Aids weight loss and is ideal for heart health.

  • Ginger अदरक

    The twist of freshness. Improves metabolism, reduces muscle pain & soreness and aids digestion.

  • Himalayan turmeric हल्दी

    The golden spice. Immunity boosting properties and is highly rich in antioxidants.

  • Holy Basil तुलसी

    The queen of herbs. Has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties and reduces stress & anxiety.

  • Lemongrass नींबू घास

    The sweet twist. Improves sugar level and cholesterol.

  • Marigold flower गेंदे का फूल

    The yellow bright floral. Natural antiseptic, high in antioxidants, and truly detoxifying.


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  1. Leena


    It was nice to speak with Aneesa, the customer representative with The Pahadi Story. She had good knowledge of the products and described in detail. She made the order process very easy for me and I am looking forward for my Calm Herbal Infusion. Keep up the good work Pahadi Story team.

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